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German Binary Robot Reviews

Product Name: German Binary Robot

Product Author: Nobert

Niche: Binary Options

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German_Banker_BinaryDid ever wonder why some are able to make thousands of dollars trading, but could barely count? Maybe they can count, but don’t really have the mathematical knowledge and brain power to calculate all the necessary signals required to do effective trading.

Well, it’s because they use computer software to do that for them. After all we live in technology age where phones have more computing power than most powerful computer 10 years ago. No wonder counting in your head is slowly becoming obsolete.

The problem is that most of these software are only available to the few elite, or have their price inflated so only big companies can afford them.

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What are binary options? – German Binary Robot

Binary options are one of the most lucrative methods for making money quickly on the internet. All that is required is a computer and an internet connection. With binary options, you can bet on rising or falling exchange rates and prices of indices, commodities and shares over a foreseeable time period.

This means that binary options can only produce one of two scenarios. If the pre-defined event takes place, the buyer receives a fixed amount. Otherwise, the option expires and therefore worthless. The benefit in this form of trade is the high profits coupled with manageable losses. Even small market movements can produce interesting capital yields. Further, profits can be realised in a very short time frame, given that the expiry period of the option is usually set at only a few days or even hours.

To quickly increase your money, only a knowledge of the direction of the movement of the investment before its expiry is needed. And that is exactly, where this new “super weapon” comes in…

BinaryProsHow does German Binary Robot work?

German Binary Robot is the English version of Binary EA and is a semi-automated trade program for binary options. It analyses 11 indicators and initiates a trade that only needs to be confirmed by the user. This rules out errors and frustrating days in front of the computer. A few clicks is all it takes.

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1) Download

You can download the software free and without obligation from the official website at

You can test German Binary Robot with $500 Demo money WITHOUT depositing money and convince yourself of power of German Binary Robot!

Once the trial period expires, you can choose to purchase the full version. The price is set by trade volume and starts at $297 to $2397 per month.

2) Installation and activation

The installation process is self-explanatory and only takes a few minutes. The trade account with Vault Options Finance is equally created in just a few steps.

For a proper trial, I would recommend loading the Vault Options Finance trading account with at least 200, – $ or more. Depositing funds is secure and smooth, whether you use your credit card, a bank transfer or any other popular payment method.

3) Use

Once you have deposited funds, your software is ready to use immediately. As soon as you receive a signal, simply confirm the trade. 1 click – that’s it!

I was really impressed with the ease of use. All procedures are explained in detail and foolproof. I set up my first trade at dusk and realised a substantial profit on my first day.

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What We Like Best With The Platform:

  • Free download of the software
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC computer
  • Free demo account with demo money
  • Automatic search for binary signals

Once we access the member’s area, here are what is included:

  • Free binary option training
  • Step by step guide to the system
  • Professional traders/brokers


  • The method of trading being simple is easy to understand
  • The beginners can learn through easily.
  • Rewards and risks go hand in hand.
  • Percentage profit will not be affected by any amendment in the market trends.


BinaryCOnsBottom Line:

German Binary Robot is definitely not a scam. It’s a free training. You are the one to decide how much money you should put into forex. This is plain and simple. I’ve followed this training from past 1 week and have made over $2540 in profits. I only invested $500 when I started. I just can’t believe it is possible. I never thought about putting my money into forex because of the hesitation and risk of loosing money but now I’m relieved to see the profits I’m making. Click here for German Binary Robot!


German Binary Robot Trade For You On Autopilot


german binary robots


1. Choose your Currency Pair!

Choose a pair where you see lots of movement and where you can find a clear “entry signal”

2. Start with 5 Euros (or 5 Dollars).

We always start with 5 bucks. Professionals can start higher . But only do that if you have sufficient funds so that the double-up process can be completed all the way through. Please be careful. You can make double the money but its also risky. I strongly advise you to start trading with higher amounts only after you’ve nailed the concept!

3.Buying or Selling?

Up/Call/Buy is our action when the red candle touches the bottom Bollinger Band. We speculate that the trend is going to reverse now.

Down/Put/Sell Means we SELL. This happens when a green candle touches the top Bollinger Band! We speculate on a red candle following soon!

4. We confirm and wait!

Click the brokerage’s Confirm or Start button, then wait and observe the trade. If you see that the trade might not win, you can already prepare the follow-up trade (double the amount). Remember: same direction, same order, and just double the amount.

Important: If a trade closes without win or loss, repeat the trade with the same amount. DON’T double up yet… double only if you lose the trade! If too many push situations impede your trading, then use another currency with more market movement!



1. Currency pair stays the same if you made a loss!

If you happen to have a losing trade, do not change the currency pair! Keep trading in the same direction until you close the trading cycle with a win!

2. Increase of trading amount – the right steps

Use 10 EUR(or USD) for your 2nd trade after a loss. If this trade happens to be a loss too, use 25 EUR(or USD) and lastly, 50 EUR(or USD) In case the broker doesn’t support those amounts, you need to be quick and place, for example, two $25 dollar trades to come up to the sum of $50 USD.

Always make sure you use our strategy and double check. The trend is your friend. If you follow it, the win will come and it will make up for all losing trades!

3. If you lose, double and repeat!

Losing trades happen a lot but they are not your enemy! We simply balance them out with a bigger win at the end of our trading cycle.

Green candle touches top band => Sell! (Put/Down/Sell Order)

Red candle touches bottom band => (Buy/Up/ Call Order)

If you keep this in mind, you will succeed!

4. Confirm and check!

Again. Confirm your trade and make sure you did everything right. Be prepared to place double the amount with the same order in the same direction if the trade is a loss and you will soon have a nice win!